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TP-LINK Tapo C500 Full HD 1080p WiFi Security Camera

€50.95 €69.99


Keep an eye on your home from anywhere. Whether you want to check up on your pet or your backyard, this TP-Link camera gives you Full HD resolution video 24/7. It's got a 360° visual coverage, so there won't be any blind spots. With night vision, you'll get a crystal clear even when it gets dark. Plus, it's got motion detection, so if there's any unusual movement at your place, you'll get a notification on your phone.

Good to know

- The automatic tracking follows anything that moves, so you'll know exactly what's causing the ruckus
- It's kitted out with two-way audio, so you can easily talk to anyone on your property when you're not home
- You can store your security footage on a microSD card or subsrcibe to TapoCare for cloud storage 
- Ask Alexa or Google Assistant to show you the footage - it's compatible with both
- The camera is IP65 water & dust resistant, so it'll be safe outside as well
- You can record your own sound alarm to extend the options of usage for different situations