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SKU: 620108
  • Portable wireless party speaker with RGB lights.
  • 120W peak power (8” x 1 woofer + 3” x 2 tweeter) and excellent sound quality.
  • Compact design along with the telescopic tube and wheels make it a total portable device.
  • Includes a wired microphone for your Karaoke sessions.
  • Compatible with Bluetooth Technology: Connect your device via Bluetooth and play your music with the best sound quality
  • Aux Input: Connect any external audio source through through an Audio cable.
  • Audio Micro SD and USB input: Plug in a Micro SD memory or USB memory card and play all your digital files.
  • Compatible with True Wireless Stereo Technology: pair wirelessly simultaneously two devices of the WILD DUB family (Zero, 1, 2 & 3) at once and increase the sound power
  • Features a 11V/2.2A rechargeable lithium battery that can keep the music playing up to 7 hours (50% volume), that may vary depending on the volume,
  • It also features an audio output which will allow us to multiply the sound power by connecting several speakers (from the same family) in series through a cable.
  • Bring a feast-oriented environment with the built-in multi-colored LED speaker lights.
  • Includes microphone otput and amplified guitar input to bring out the artist in you.
  • Different light patterns syncing to the beat of your favorite tracks. You can also turn the lights off.
  • LED screen that offers practical info.
  • Amplified guitar input will allow you to enjoy your tunes with the best accompaniment.