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Hama Spot-Pointer Wireless Presenter Digital Laser Pointer - Black | 456144


SKU: 456144

Present, focus and impress - instead of fiddling around chaotically with the laser pointer. Our innovative presentation remote control helps you to grab attention and get arguments across in a nutshell. What's more: the digital presenter can also be used for video calls.

Direct the audience's attention: You can move the point of the laser pointer digitally in your presentation using the remote control
Spot-on: With the spot illumination function, you can highlight important information
Set the focus: Handy magnifying glass function enabling you to enlarge details, such as tables, maps, etc
Usage made easy: Using the three buttons on the presenter, easily scroll forwards and backwards through slides and change display option
Everything you need: the SD card in the dongle contains the software needed and offers additional storage space for your presentation
Presentation on time: You can set a timer for your presentation, with the remaining time appearing on the presenter's display
Fast charging within 2 hours
Long-term companion: The presenter has an integrated rechargeable battery and can be used for up to 3 months
Dynamic presentation with digital laser pointer, spot illumination and reading magnifier
Ideal for Powerpoint presentations with graphics and calculations, for example in customer discussions, pitches or at product presentations
After installing the software via the dongle, the presenter can be used straight away
The presenter does not compress the light, but rather displays the point digitally, which means that - unlike optical lasers - there is no danger to the eyes
A double-click on the presenter's main button: flexibly toggle between the laser pointer, magnifier and spot illumination
Range of up to 20 metres guarantees freedom of movement during the presentation (depending on ambient conditions)
Adaptation of the pointer colour, magnifier size, etc. via the software
When the battery level is low, the integrated display shows a warning
The timer can be conveniently started via the presenter and indicates with vibration when the time has elapsed